Serenity Soap — Juve
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Serenity Soap

Dhs. 45.00

Main Ingredient(s): Frankincense (resin powder and essential oil); Myrrh gum (powder).

This soap is crafted from a harmonic union of two potent and ancient tree resins: Frankincense and Myrrh. These tree resins are steeped in history and have been traded in the Arabian Peninsula for over 6,000 years for their medicinal merit and religious significance. Frankincense has a distinctive woody and earthy aroma that has a calming and vitalizing effect on the nervous system. Myrrh is the more subdued of the two: its aroma is smoky, bitter and slightly medicinal. Similar to frankincense, it has a relaxing soothing effect. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil from Spain, coconut oil from India, cocoa butter from Ivory Coast, sodium hydroxide, sweet almond oil, castor oil, frankincense essential oil and powder, myrrh gum powder from Socotra.


Serenity Soap

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