Camel Milk Soap — Juve
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Camel Milk Soap

Dhs. 45.00

Main Ingredient(s): Fresh Camel milk; Geranium (essential oil).

This soap is especially formulated from fresh camel milk. Camel milk has for centuries been known for its beneficial properties, it is uniquely known for its moisturizing, soothing, and calming effects to the skin. It is also known to help keep the skin soft, and supple. This soap is scented with the floral aroma of geranium that promotes beautiful and radiant skin. Charcoal wraps up the cleansing ritual with its purifying and detoxifying properties. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil from Spain, fresh local camel milk, coconut oil from India, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil from India, natural essential oil from Egypt, and activated charcoal. 

Camel Milk Soap

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