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Bitten by the Soap Making Bug?
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Bitten by the Soap Making Bug?

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Personal Ramblings

With a background in public health, I am always trying to have a healthier lifestyle, by eating healthier, and using healthier products on my skin with less synthetic ingredients. I am inspired by everything natural, be it local Emirati ingredients, Arabic or Western natural ingredients, or ingredients used in Ayurvedic medicine.

I was the person who would always shop for natural and organic skin-care products at the local organic store. One day, I thought to myself that it would be amazing if I can create my own skincare products from scratch, while knowing exactly what is in each product.

So, I first decided to learn how to make soaps. A basic skincare product that we use every day. I purchased some soap making books and starting learning, I was immediately inspired and excited to try it on my own. Few days later, I purchased all the needed equipment and sometime in May of 2018, I made my first batch of soap. It was castile soap with 100% olive oil and scented with lavender essential oil. I made it in my kitchen using heart-shaped molds, and the remaining batter was placed in tiny ice cube molds (photo shared below). 

The experience was surreal, creating something yourself from scratch. And it turns out that it cleans and lathers just as soaps that have harsh ingredients. From that moment on I decided to become a soap maker, to create natural soaps with high quality natural ingredients for myself, my family, and the world.

“Creating something useful and beautiful out of ordinary ingredients brings a thrill like no other. Being able to say “I made it” is inspiring and delightful.” Anne-Marie

Eventually, I experimented with different ingredients and methods and finally decided to launch Juve in January of 2020. 

You can find next some old photos I decided to share! 

My first batch of castile soap:
First shelf of soap experiments: 

Experiment Soaps:
Jasmine SoapCalendula SoapRose Soap Date ScrubCoconut Milk Soap

Chamomile Soap
A natural soap I made for my cat:Cat Soap

"As Joseph Campbell says, if you move in the direction of your passions, opportunities tend to appear that you couldn’t have imagined and that weren’t otherwise there.” Ken Robinson

Join me on the journey of living a healthier lifestyle! 

Hessa Al Gaoud