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Petal Dance Soap

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Main Ingredient(s): Rose (petals, oil and rosewater); Geranium; Rose Clay.

This soap is scented with the classic and timeless scent of the Rose, and decorated with rose petals sourced from our very own homegrown roses. The uplifting fragrance of roses is known to chase the blues away. Rose also works wonders on the skin: it relieves dry and sensitive skin. Rosewater’s anti-inflammatory properties similarly relieve irritated skin. It is also a cleanser that unclogs pores from accumulated oil and dirt. Rose clay wraps up the cleansing ritual by purifying and detoxifying your skin.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin olive oil from Spain, rosewater, coconut oil from India, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, natural essential oil blend, and rose clay.


Petal Dance Soap

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Sara A.
Recommened this!!

I'm totally in love with it, lotion is not even needed when using Petal dance! The balance of those distinctive ingredients is just magical, it has an amazing aroma. Geranium oil definitely helps with relaxation, this is what I love most about this soap <3. I 100% recommened this, its magnificent!


This soap is like a magic. Its scent is amazing and it’s long lasting on the body and in the bath.